Kitchen Table Economics

I Had No Idea: Did You Know That You Are Hit With “Hidden Taxes” Every Day?

We all know about the obvious taxes we pay like income tax, sales tax and real estate tax—but did you know there are hundreds of hidden taxes you pay without knowing it?

Cell Phone Slam

Did you know that 16% of your cell phone bill goes to the government in taxes?!*

Pain At The Pump

For every $40 you spend on gas, $7.60 goes to the government in taxes. Fill up once a week and that adds up to more than $400 per year.

Beer Can Blast

Beer contains hops and barley, but 40% of the cost is made up of taxes that you don’t see.**

Watch a short video that explains the taxes you pay on your family vacation.

*Based on a monthly cell phone bill of $100.
**Based on $10 a week spent on beer.