Daily Taxes

Meet Jamey.

Jamey is a lot like us. He works hard at his job during the week. He likes to relax on the weekend and like us… pays taxes to the government.

But what he doesn’t realize is how he pays in hidden taxes. For instance, Jamey didn’t know that $42 cents of every gallon of gas he buys goes toward taxes. Or that when he goes on vacation, 43% of his airline ticket price is for more taxes. Or when he relaxes with a glass of wine on a Friday night, $6 of what he paid for a bottle of wine is for taxes… not the wine. And when he calls his friends to complain about it, taxes add an extra 17% onto his cell phone bill each month.

Everyone expects to pay taxes they see like income or sales tax but the hidden taxes are driving up the cost of things we buy everyday. So the next time you buy something you think is more expensive that it should be… just remember that hidden taxes affect the price of many things we buy.