New EPA Regulations Explained

The Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed big, new regulations to combat climate change. We all want to help the environment, but there is a cost. Here are some of the ways the new EPA rules will affect you.

  1. Higher Energy Bills
    • Strict regulations on power plants will mean higher electricity costs for all of us… especially if you live in the midwest and get your energy from coal.
  2. Higher Prices on Everything
    • Because energy is used as an ingredient in almost every good and service, costs will go up on everything from food and clothes to electronics and cars.
  3. Fewer Jobs
    • The coal and natural gas industries create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs in the country. Expensive regulations will cause job loss.

Finally, what are all these costs buying us? The EPA has admitted that these new regulations will only cool the Earth 1/20th of a degree over the next 20 years.