Bring Small Businesses Back Campaign

Small businesses are the engine of our economy, with more than half of all jobs in the U.S. being provided by a small business. In fact, small businesses have generated more than 65% of the new jobs since 1995.

But today’s small business entrepreneurs are drowning in red tape and struggling to survive a never-ending stream of costly mandates and government requirements. That’s why the Job Creators Network is starting their Bring Small Businesses Back campaign. This campaign is designed to educate our legislators and leaders about the real challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs. The campaign will profile the faces of small business and their struggles with over taxation, over regulation and lack of access to capital.

Government mandates like the health care law and pushes for ultra-high minimum wages have made it difficult and expensive to give new entry-level employees a chance. And regulatory efforts by government agencies like the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Agency threaten to reduce opportunities and make it harder to borrow money for small businesses. The Job Creators Network will be promoting solutions to these challenges so that we can truly Bring Small Businesses Back.

To join us or just find out more about the campaign, go to

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