Kitchen Table Economics

Americans are more likely to take a summer vacation this year

Countless Americans have cherished memories of summer vacations. After all, embarking on a long getaway during the hottest season is a tradition as American as apple pie.

This year, that tradition will live on, as new data from the Job Creators Network/ Weekly Pulse reveals that more Americans are likely to take a long weekend or summer vacation this year. In 2018, 49 percent of Americans took a summer vacation, but this year 63 percent say they are either “somewhat” or “very” likely to do so.

Since last summer, the economy has grown even stronger, leading to economic optimism encouraging people to take vacations and spend more time enjoying leisurely activities. This prosperity is thanks to robust free-market policies—like sweeping tax cuts—that have clearly improved the financial well-being of the vast majority of Americans.

Vacations are more than just time away from a job. The health benefits are well-documented, as a good vacation reduces stress, results in stronger relationships, improves mental health, and leads to feeling refreshed.

In other words, an annual vacation is a win-win for employees and employers. Everyone should be pleased that American workers are more likely to be taking these trips that will increase their happiness. And it’s thanks to sound economic policies that people have this financial freedom.