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Support Entrepreneurs This Independence Day

On July 4, 1776, our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, declaring the 13 colonies independent from Great Britain. Rooted in this document was the idea of the American Dream: With liberty, equal opportunity and hard work comes prosperity. It also perpetuates entrepreneurism–the idea of being your own boss, being successful and creating your own destiny.

Each year, the holiday is marked with large gatherings and events. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, celebrations will inevitably look different this year. Across the country, towns and cities have canceled parades and firework shows to avoid large crowds and promote social distancing guidelines. But American’s shouldn’t let this prevent them from enjoying Independence Day and remembering the significance of its history.

The pandemic has placed a great burden on the economy, businesses and individuals. This Fourth of July, support your community’s small businesses as they continue to navigate the challenges posed by the coronavirus. The hard working Americans behind these businesses will spur the chapter of the Great American Experiment.

Support your local businesses, and have a happy and safe Independence Day!