The Real Cost of Government Energy Policy

Government regulations have a direct effect on the prices that you pay for gas and electricty.

When you leave your house to drive to work, the government  plays a part in how much it costs to fill up your car. State and federal taxes add about 50 cents to the cost of each gallon.

And things that would make gasoline cheaper like more drilling on federal lands or the Keystone XL Pipeline have been stalled by politicians.

All this results in higher prices at the pump, which have a ripple effect on the economy, increasing costs for everything from clothes and consumer electronics to food and airfare.

When you are at work you may not realize how government energy policy affects business and the job market. Many businesses depend on a lot of electricity in order to produce products and services. Manufacturing, steel and aluminum production, and even computer server farms all need lots of power.

If that power goes up in price, those businesses either lose money, cut jobs, or may consider moving somewhere where the power is cheaper. Even the EPA admits that their new regulations could cause America to lose up to 9 million jobs.