How Energy Policy Affects You

Everyone needs electricity. So why is the government proposing laws to restrict new sources of energy?

Everybody needs electrical power. Whether it’s to light our houses, pump gas for our cars, or to do our jobs.

Incredible as it may seem, Government agencies and the Congress are proposing new laws to restrict energy production that have limited measurable benefits on the environment. But these new laws do make electricity more expensive

When you wake up in the morning, you may turn on the television. Or charge your cell phone. Government regulations determine  how much you pay for that power.

Stricter EPA regulations for coal-fired power plants have already contributed to the closure of more than 300 coal power plants in many states, while additional EPA regulations are continuing to be published. And at what cost? Fewer jobs, higher electricity rates, and no noticeable impact on the global climate.

And if the EPA’s other proposed regulations go into effect, your family’s electric bill will continue to skyrocket– maybe by 20 percent – and the capital costs to implement the EPA’s new rules are estimated to exceed $2.2 trillion.