More About the Healthcare Law

The problem with the new health care law is not what it tried to do but what it failed to do.

You’re probably aware of some changes coming after the passage of the new health insurance law. The new law establishes some positive changes for everyone… but Americans are only now becoming aware of the many negative changes that will hit almost every employee.

The problem with the new healthcare law is not what it tried to do but what it failed to do… reduce costs.

For instance, in order to help some people who have expensive diseases, the law requires healthy people to pay more instead of trying to reduce the cost of care overall. Employees who don’t have coverage will soon be required to buy insurance. Many could be legally required to pay nearly 10% of their income to cover their costs… and if they don’t buy health insurance, they’ll have to pay penalties to the IRS.

Many businesses that currently supply health insurance to their employees are discovering that the increased costs under the Affordable Care Act will not be affordable because they will have to pay insurance for all employees who work more than 30 hours per week. Because the costs are not affordable to smaller businesses, many full-time jobs will be converted to lower-cost part-time employment where employer-provided insurance isn’t required.

Doctors are also unhappy and many are refusing to take new patients who are covered by government-paid insurance. If your child needs braces or you need a pacemaker or hip replacement, that too becomes more expensive under the Affordable Care Act… because of new taxes on these and other healthcare devices.

Some hospitals have the same complaints about higher taxes and costs. Even major labor union leaders are angry over the cost of the new law. Originally, they were the biggest supporters and now some want it changed… or they want to exempt themselves now that they understand how it affects them and their families.

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