E2E Training Introduction

Thank you for joining Job Creators Network and believing in employer-to-employee (E2E) education. Because we are nonpartisan, we won’t tell you how to vote. We’ll simply help you inform, involve, and inspire your employees to become well-informed citizens.

This is a turnkey program that will take very little time and effort from you or your employees. To start, introduce E2E to your employees with a customized email or hard copy letter. Then, distribute the educational tools that come in our weekly email newsletters or online at

We have short animated videos on things your employees care about. For instance, what taxes do to the real cost of a family vacation. Kitchen Table Economics lessons focus on paychecks not politics. And infographics connect the dots from policy to everyday life.

Stay digital with your wired employees by forwarding them our weekly email newsletters. Post our links in your company’s announcements, website, and social media. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn follow us and post our material and we’ll return the favor.

To reach offline employees you just need a place to show videos, a good printer, and some imagination. Most of our E2E tools are printable so print and share where it makes sense… like a break room, mailboxes, paycheck envelopes, or newsletters. Cue up videos on your laptop. Head to the break room and hit play during some downtime or during a staff meeting. Have the boss treat everyone to pizza; then show videos, circulate printouts, and get employees talking.

The possibilities are endless so we welcome your ideas too. We also want your feedback. Just email or call your Job Creators Network contact and give regular updates to let us know how E2E is working for you. Our staff is here to help from online navigation to planning a pizza party. Just say the word and we’ll be there. We look forward to working together to save the American Dream for succeeding generations.