Kitchen Table Economics

Healthcare Premiums Skyrocket, Free Market Solutions Needed

More new evidence shows that the Affordable Care Act is unaffordable.

New projections show premiums in California jumping by more than 13 percent in 2017. And California seems to be one of the lucky ones. Residents of states like Oklahoma, Alaska, New Mexico, and Montana are facing increases of 25 percent or more. For yet another year, health care consumers across the country are facing double digit increases to their monthly healthcare premiums.

So how can we fix ever-increasing prices?

Some healthcare advocates are calling for free-market, patient-centric reforms from Congress. These reforms would focus on lowering patient premiums by repealing associated healthcare taxes, expanding Health Savings Accounts for routine medical procedures, and promoting medical innovation to drive down long term care costs for Americans.

Reforms that focus on these areas, while protecting sick and elderly patients in need of frequent care, could provide a roadmap to cutting premiums nationwide. Lower premiums mean cheaper services and greater access to healthcare for all… a noble pursuit.

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