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Go Out and Vote!

Next week, on November 6th, millions of Americans will head to the polls to vote in the 2018 midterm elections—deciding which candidates will represent them at many levels of government.

More specifically, at the state level, there are 36 gubernatorial races and 6,073 legislative races taking place. That’s 82 percent of all state lawmakers! At the federal level, 35 U.S. Senate seats and all 435 House seats are up for election.

It may be tempting to believe that a single vote doesn’t matter, but in many of these elections—specifically state level races—one vote can be more consequential than you think.

This election day is a time for you to decide what principles you stand for. Do you want a government that implements more regulations and increases taxes to pay for big government programs, or do you want lawmakers who, for the most part, stay out of the way and allow individuals and businesses to prosper?

The choice is yours. Go out and vote.