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Buy American, Hire American—A Win for Small Business

On Tuesday, President Trump signed the Buy American, Hire American executive order—which places an emphasis on the American worker and the products they produce. While unveiling the directive in Wisconsin, Trump said “We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure more products are stamped with those wonderful words ‘Made in the USA.’” The executive order includes the following main provisions:

  • Bars foreign contractors from bidding on federal construction or infrastructure projects.
  • Tightens the rules and controls on foreign skilled worker visas—giving American workers a shot to compete.
  • Requires publicly funded infrastructure or construction projects to only use American-made steel and iron.

While many are congratulating President Trump on following through with one of his central campaign promises of putting America First, small businesses are celebrating their newly expanded market competitiveness. American manufacturers—big and small—will now enjoy increased demand for their products, while also being able to provide more employment opportunities for hardworking Americans.

Not only will Buy American, Hire American boost small business growth, but the idea is popular among Main Street America as well. According to a survey from the Opinion Research Corporation, 70 percent of Americans agree with the following statement: Choosing products and services from a company committed to hiring Americans and sourcing American made products is important to me.

Some people might be skeptical of Trump’s actions to put America First—but small businesses and the everyday American are definitely not.